Western Mass Relics
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Welcome to the Home of the:

Western Mass Relics
Senior Softball League

Better known as the Western Mass Relics  :-)


The Western Mass Relics is a summer/fall recreational men's slow pitch softball league.  It was founded in 1994 with the idea that playing ball is fun, healthy and a good way to make and maintain friendships.  The league has grown from the original two teams to over 240 players (from 45 different cities/towns) of varied abilities.

The Relics field two divisions: Gold and Silver (see details below).  For the more competitive player there is opportunity to join a travel team and participate in local, regional and national tournaments.

Teams in both divisions are playing once or twice a week in the evening, with all games being played at "The Fish" in Ludlow, MA. These weekly games emphasize fun, friendship and good sportsmanship.

We'd LOVE to hear from you  !!  Please use the Contact Form any time to send us a message.

NOTE: Registration for the 2024 Season is open NOW  !!  See the "Register to Play" Page for all the details.  


About the Divisions:

GOLD - age 65 and over*
SILVER - age 50 and over*

  • The Season typically starts in early May and ends in September.  Fall ball ends when it snows.

  • Each team usually plays 2 games a week, always at The Fish in Ludlow, MA.

  • Gold Division Games usually start at 4:00 PM, and Silver at 5:45 PM. 

  • No games on Saturday or Sunday. 

  • Open practice every Saturday morning at The Fish.

  • We do not have "official" umpires - we umpire ourselves.  Our focus is on safety and having fun.

  • Courtesy Runners allowed.

  • We have extra bases at first and home (and at second base in the Gold Division).

  • No Base Stealing.

  • We start the count with 1 ball and 1 strike.  6 to 12 foot arch slow-pitch.

  • We use an extended home plate to determine the strike zone.  If a legally pitched ball lands on any part of the extended plate, it will be considered a strike.

  • Uniforms are not mandatory but shirts and hats are available for purchase.  We do ask Players to wear Red when the Home Team, and Grey when the Away Team.

  • All bats must be ASA/USA approved.  Round Robin batting order.  We use 52/300 core softballs.


  • No sliding.

  • We allow an overrun at each base. 

  • Senior bats are allowed for anyone 78 or over.


  • Sliding is allowed when running back to first, or into second and third. 

  • No sliding or diving into first or at home. 

*  Must turn 50 (Silver) or 65 (Gold) by 12/31/24 to play in the respective division